Natural Thin Veneer Stone

Veneer Stone

CutStone is a beautiful and durable natural stone quarried from Texas and Oklahoma and cut to a thin veneer.  The special cut of the thin veneer stone provides the flexible installation applications of synthetic stone while maintaining the beauty and artistry of natural stone.

CutStone is available in many distinct colors and varieties and is appropriate for residential, commercial, and landscape installations.


Natural thin veneer stone can be custom cut and trimmed to your specifications, unlike synthetic stone, and ages more gracefully than the man-made alternative.  CutStone is cut to a thickness of 3/4" to 1 1/2" and weighs 1/4 that of full veneer stone.  

The result is greater efficiency in shipping and installation and less structural support needed in wall assemblies.  Whether adding an interior accent or building a large commercial job, CutStone will provide value, elegance, and timeless visual appeal to your project.